The show must go on.

We are proud to work in Tel Aviv, the Middle East’s beacon of democracy, innovation and technology.

Unfortunately, over the last few days our work routines have been at times disrupted by rocket attacks from some of our neighbors… but as the old proverb says: ‘WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY’.

We have more than 5 million customers who rely on our technology and use our products around the world, including and – it is our job to ensure that our users’ experience with SimilarGroup’s technology solutions is as flawless as ever.

As for our talented team, needless to say that their safety is paramount. Air raid sirens haven’t managed to spoil the atmosphere in the office or the team’s drive to carry on developing world-class  technology.

We believe that we can make great things happen when we work together. And when you put SimilarGroup’s brains in a room, fresh ideas and inspiration will happen, regardless of the location – be it an office, a bar, a boardroom or even a shelter.

As you can see in the pictures, our servers are also safe inside the shelter – yes, we are that serious about the well-being of our technology!

We all hope the conflict will resolve very soon. In the meantime… hard at work.


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