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THE VERGE, Aug 2013 Yahoo is bigger than Google, but Google is bigger than Yahoo

THE INDEPENDENT, Aug 2013 Yahoo or Google? Web supremacy depends on how you measure it.

MASHABLE, Aug 2013 Google U.S. Traffic Beats Yahoo Global Visits

WASHINGTON POST, Aug 2013 YouTube alone gets more page views than all of Yahoo

THE GROCER, Aug 2013 Saturday Night Takeaway Sponsorship gives Morrisons a huge web traffic boost

INTERNET RETAILING, Aug 2013 Measuring the Rihanna effect on River Island

THE GUARDIAN, July 2013 Porn sites get more internet traffic in UK than social networks or shopping

TRAVOLUTION, July 2013 – it’s bouncy but still winning the airline battle

ECONSULTANCY, July 2013 Ryanair Trumps EasyJet and BA for traffic, but fails at user engagement

BUSINESS INSIDER, July 2013 Chris Poole is the creator of one of the World’s biggest websites, and it is very strange that he is not insanely rich

LE FIGARO, July 2013 Tumblr cache ses blogs pornographiques

EL PAIS, July 2013 Facebook domina en España con un 66% del trafico

TECH CRUNCH, June 2013 Pinterest pushes global growth with a localized version for France

EL PAIS, May 2013 El 22% del tráfico de Tumblr es de páginas porno, dice SimilarGroup

BILD, May 2013 Jetzt hat Marissa Mayer ein Porno-Problem

FAST COMPANY, May 2013 How Adult Tumblrs Could Land Yahoo in a Legal Pinch

BUSINESSWEEK, May 2013 If Yahoo Buys Tumblr, What Will It Do With All That Porn?

TECH CRUNCH, May 2013 “Tumblr’s Adult Fare Accounts for 11.4% Of Site’s Top 200k Domains

Company & Product News 

SMART INSIGHTS, Aug 2013 ”A new online competitive inteligence tool.”

IM GRIND, June 2013 “Another Great Source For Spying On Advertiser Display Ads”

MARKETING LAND, April 2013 “SimilarWeb Competitive Analysis Tool Shows Traffic Insights By Source; Launching Pro Service.”

ONLINE MARKETING, March 2013 “SimilarWeb: Der Alexa-Killer geht um.”

WALL STREET JOURNAL, February 2013 “SimilarGroup has announced its intention to supplant Amazon-owned Alexa as the go-to for web traffic data.”

SEO NEWS, February 2013 “SimilarWeb, well… plainly kicks some Alexa butt.”

EVERYTHING PR, February 2013 “SimilarWeb: Prettier, Faster, Fuzzier and Warmer than Alexa.”

TECH 24 HOURS, February 2013 “Just Try it, you as an online marketer or Blogger will be pretty impressed.”

TECHCRUNCH, January 2013 ”SimilarGroup takes on Alexa’s (often terrible) Web Ranking with SimilarWeb.”

THE NEXT WEB, January 2013 “SimilarWeb looks to topple Alexa with a fresh take on website ranking.”

WWHATSNEW, January 2013 “Analiza la audiencia de cualquier sitio web con SimilarWeb.”

PRESSE CITRON, January 2013 “SimilarWeb, une alternative a Alexa?”

FRED ZONE, January 2013 “SimilarWeb : une alternative très complète à Alexa.”

SOFT AND APPS, January 2013 “SimilarWeb, una gran alternativa a Alexa mucho más atractiva y completa.”

TECH CRUNCH, May 2010 “SimilarWeb changes Name to SimilarGroup, Raises More Funding.”

VC CAFE, November 2009 “Finding Similar Content on The Web.”

KILLER STARTUPS, February 2009: “Why it might be a killer? It is a practical way of coming across contents and sites that might appeal to you.”

CNET, January 2009 “SimilarWeb shows you sites like the one you’re on.”

GIGAOM, September 2009 “Even More Services to Help Discover Similar Web Sites.”

LIFE HACKER, June 2009 “Take the work out of finding sites related to the one you’re browsing.”